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In our alternatives series, we help buyers identify the differences between Contento and other well known headless CMS' so you can decided which will be the better fit for your business.

Looking for an Alternative to Contentful?

Contentful is the market leader in the Headless CMS space, and offers a composable CMS/ content platform for creating, managing and publishing content.

Contento is a modern Content Management System (CMS) that is 100% focused on managing websites (Contentful is an omnichannel offering so makes no assumptions about the ‘head’).

Contento vs Contentful

Contento and Contentful are both Headless CMS but solve very different use cases and thus add value in alternative contexts.

The following represents some of the differences to think about when considering your options.

1- Pricing

While Contento offers competitive pricing without any gotchas, Contentful can get expensive very quickly. There are 10X ratchets between some tiers, and seemingly innocuous events can trigger a price hike e.g. hitting an object limit (whatever that means?). 

The Contentful pricing page is also instructive, row after row of features (many obscure ones) making it almost impossible to evaluate your options. Similarly, the free plan is limited.

There are of course pros and cons to the different approaches. Again context is everything when assessing which route makes most sense for both your current and future requirements. Contento’s free trial offers an excellent opportunity to assess the platform without needing to input your credit card details.

Browser showing Contento pricing page

Contento pricing tiers

2- Ease of Use

The learning curve for Contento is pretty modest. We have worked hard on ensuring an intuitive UI/UX especially for non-technical users. We can also align the functionality around specific tasks related to website management and maintenance.

Contentful will likely also argue that they have an intuitive interface - from our experience the learning curve is particularly steep. Agency support is likely to be a requirement to ensure you are getting the most out of what is a powerful system.

Browser showing Contento Live Preview

Contento page editor and visual preview

3- Built In SEO

Contento offers a built in SEO module that helps ensure your site is optimized and thus helps to support your SEO efforts. 

Contentful facilitates the creation of SEO friendly URL’s as part of their sitemap structure but SEO is not a core feature.  You can render an SEO title via the title tag and use a Compose: SEO content type to make some basic on page changes.

Both platforms benefit from the site architecture of a Headless CMS, in that it lends itself to building blazingly quick websites.

Browser showing Contento SEO Module

Contento SEO Module

4- Focus on Websites

Contentful offers a range of use cases from Global Marketing and Localization, to Commerce to Mobile Applications.

Contento, on the other hand, is 100% focused on websites. While it may seem like a subtle difference, it is anything but. This assumed position informs everything from product design, to workflows to our roadmap and leads to the inclusion of website specific features like SEO, URL management, and a website library to help assist with this aim.

5- Unlimited Objects

Contento offers a flexible growth plan that does not inhibit the development of your site. 

On the other hand Contentful operates an upgrade path that is not the most obvious, and some users complain about hitting object limits that trigger disproportionate price jumps.


Contentful is the market leader in the Headless CMS space, offering a compelling feature rich solution covering a multitude of use cases.

Contento is focused on one specific use case - using Headless to manage a website. It therefore offers a compelling option for those looking to use a Headless CMS to run a website.

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Our customers say it best

Kevin Magee CTO, Zyte

Kevin Magee

CTO Zyte

One of our goals was to ensure our Marketing team was not held up by the Engineering team on a daily basis. We achieved that and empowered Marketing to maintain the site at a speed aligned to our business requirements. Content creation and Engineering have been decoupled.
Philipp Maucher Chief of Staff & SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

Phillip Maucher

SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

We moved from Wordpress to Contento and have been delighted with the move. I no longer have to get developers to update the site - I reckon it's reduced my site 'admin time' by over 70%.
Ryan Crowley, CEO of Kore Systems

Ryan Crowley

CEO Kore Systems

The migration to Contento was seamless - the results have justified the decision to replatform to Headless.
Contento Vector 7

Making the Switch to Contento is a Breeze

We offer migration support from many of the other well known platforms. Get in touch to talk to one of our technical team.

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