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A Strategic Workforce Planning Platform

A career management SaaS platform using technology to address the needs of employees/businesses/government. In seconds the platform creates upskilling plans for people/businesses so that they can bridge their skills gaps and achieve their goals. 

Backed by a team of experienced professionals, their strategic vision is to create a platform that connects government, industry and the workforce. It will ensure that all of the training and upskilling that takes place will be more targeted, maximise government spending, facilitate industry to be more proactive rather than reactive to the needs of the labour. People will be completing training and courses that will be bridging the gaps that currently exist in industry.

Remote - HQ in Ireland

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Skillsvistas' Challenges

As a startup they had built a basic site whilst they focused on the development of the platform. Once market interest was growing and their focus shifted they realised they needed to enhance their website before a major marketing push. While new to Headless as a tech company they were naturally familiar with the power of API’s and thus were keen to ensure their website was on a cutting edge tech stack.

SEO was also important to them, including how Contento supported embedded analytics and the baked in SEO module offered by Contento met their needs.

Technical Information

The main aim of switching over to Contento was to create a strong base for their long term content marketing plans and growth of their website. They wanted an easier system for their staff to use and also took advantage of our free template to update their front end design and give their website a more modern look.

Deployed on Vercel, they now have a super fast, static site with well-organised content modelling ready for the growth of their website.




Contento Support

Skillsvista moved their site from WordPress to Contento, assisted by our team and using our base template Salamander for the front end design. A primary motivation for the switch was to ensure they had a cutting edge site, with new modern design and ability to scale as the company continues to grow. 

As their old site was relatively small, the migration of content was straightforward and the use of our free template for their front end made the switch over quick and simple.

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Full service migration of content

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Salamander template adaptation

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Design support

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Vercel setup and domain re-routing

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Performance optimization

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Training and direct support for the in-house staff

Jason Culloty - CEO Skillsvista
Jason Culloty - CEO Skillsvista

It is great that a cutting edge technology like Headless is accessible to startups. Not only have we now got a high performance site, but one that can grow with us as we scale.

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