Image Optimization API

As part of every Contento plan we offer a robust Image Optimization API, this allows you to optimise images on the fly via a simple URL syntax and have them delivered at speed from our global CDN.

Check out the docs for technical details on how to use it.

Image Optimization
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We all want a super fast website

So don't let your images slow you down!

Say goodbye to huge, slow loading images that kill your google rankings and irritate your customers!

Use our Image Optimization API to make your images look their best at the smallest possible size.

Optimize in the code

Forget about Figma & tinyJPG

Speed up your process by optimizing your images once, directly in the code. No more using multiple different apps to make your images look great.

Image of turtle being cropped, with figma logo and image url in code
Man working on laptop

We like to help out our fellow devs.

Make the process even slicker with our Image Component

It converts your images to webp for faster loading speeds, automatically adds your optimization params to your image url and autofills your alt text to help you nail that accessibility.

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