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Zyte is the leading provider of web data extraction solutions. Their web data extraction technology and services are used by clients all over the world for price intelligence, news and media, job listings and entertainment trends, brand monitoring, and more, their customers rely on Zyte to obtain dependable data from over 13 billion web pages each month.

Their fully remote team of over two hundred developers and extraction experts help remove the barriers to web data.

Zyte moved their website off WordPress to Contento using a phased approach assisted by an external agency (AllHuman).

Remote first - HQ in Ireland


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Zyte’s Challenges

They were stuck with a website that nobody knew how to update and had broken extensions. They were also struggling with other issues typical for those running legacy solutions like WordPress.

While new to headless, as a tech company they were naturally familiar with the power of API’s and thus were keen to ensure their website was on a cutting edge tech stack.

Keeping the site fast and performant was important to them, so migrating to headless let them drop all the bloat of WordPress and deliver a fully static solution.

Technical Info

To enable Zyte to keep running their existing WordPress site in the background, we worked with the agency to explore two viable routes - either scrape the old site and bundle it with the new one, or proxy the old one using fallback routing. Vercel enabled us to handle fallback routing without having to maintain our own proxy, so we went with that.

The end result was a seamless switch between old and new whilst the old content was ported over via a data migration process we ran in collaboration with Zyte.




Contento Support

Zyte moved their website off WordPress to Contento using a phased approach assisted by an external agency. 

This was a year-long project as part of a phased migration with incremental adoption of headless as a new cutting edge technology for Zyte. The Contento team created a dedicated Slack channel with the agency and Zyte to assist with the migration and to ensure that the project ran smoothly.

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Content modelling for the new sections of the site in Contento

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Established a working API connection and workflow inside a React/Next build

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Provided Zyte-specific documentation on the API and how it should be used

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Training & workshops on how to use Contento for both devs and marketers

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Data migration of content from WordPress to Contento

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Helped with launch prep and deployment on Vercel

Shane Evans CEO of Zyte
Shane Evans - CEO Zyte

We’ve been delighted with the migration off WordPress to Contento, and the decision to move off a legacy CMS has been justified.

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