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Securing Major Sites in the UK

Kore Systems is a London-based security firm that offers a range of security solutions for a wide variety of clients. Security services offered include the design, supply, installation and maintenance of physical security systems.

Kore began as a small, enthusiastic group with over 20 years’ experience, who had a hunger for future-focused, innovative integrations and shared a vision of the level of service an end user should receive. 

They initially built their experience working with Mechanical & Electrical contractors, and have recently established a strong reputation supporting clients in the healthcare sector. They continue to work closely with M&E contractors, while also working with clients in a range of disparate sectors.

Kore Systems Website

Kore Systems’ Challenges

The Kore Systems website is relatively small when set against many of the larger companies migrating to headless. Nonetheless as a security firm known for innovation and for bringing the latest technological solutions to market, building on a more modern CMS platform made perfect sense. 

Given the site does not change that often - the primary requirement was to ensure that ongoing maintenance was intuitive and straightforward. Kore Systems thus get to enjoy the wider benefits of a headless CMS backed website, with an intuitive admin panel for in-house content management.

Technical Information

The main aim of switching over to Contento was to make content editing simpler, and more obvious to non technical users. We did that by designing a simple, structured content model that described the shape of their content correctly. This let us quickly build out a simple Vue/Nuxt site that consumed that content, and allowed us to re-use the existing design without much hassle.

Deployed on Netlify, they now have a super fast, static site with well-organised content in the back-end.




Contento Support

Kore Systems migrated their website off an all-in-one website builder to Contento. There was no external agency involved in the process as it was a straightforward swap.

Contento helped with the migration so as to ensure the switch was as light touch as possible for the client. A primary motivation for the switch was to ensure a cutting edge site, backed by local support avoiding frustrations associated with the limited in-person support offered by website builders.

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Full service migration of design, content and markup

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Netlify setup and domain re-routing

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Ad hoc changes and tweaks since deployment

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Performance optimization

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Training and direct support for the in-house staff

Ryan Crowley, CEO of Kore Systems
Ryan Crowsley - CEO Kore Systems

Our site looks great, loads quickly and is easy to manage and maintain which is an added bonus given the team size.

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