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SaaS Network Ireland is a membership based body designed to advance the SaaS sector in Ireland through knowledge sharing to help build stronger, internationally more competitive Irish Saas companies. By encouraging founders and senior staff to learn from later stage SaaS companies who have been through the same challenges they are facing, and sharing hard-won lessons, we can help each other grow and avoid common pitfalls. The purpose of the network is to help build a sense of community in the Irish SaaS sector.

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SaaS Network Ireland’s Challenges

SaaS Network Ireland is a not-for-profit organization with a small team responsible for managing the network. The old website was on WordPress and was causing no end of problems - from security issues to managing updates. Given so little was changing on the site, the overhead of managing the site was problematic.

Moving to Headless means that the primary function of the team (updating content) can be managed internally.

Technical Information

For this project the existing design was left alone, and we simply scraped the public site as a starting point. Following that, we extracted all the content from the raw files and imported it into Contento.

To join it all up we deployed a simple Vue/Nuxt build using their existing markup and injected the content with the minimum of fuss. Now they have a fully static site, with neatly organised content models.




Contento Support

SaaS Network Ireland had been using WordPress but given the basic requirements of the site the maintenance overhead was becoming unbearable. Contento assisted with the migration.

This project was a straightforward migration given the site was primarily built as a brochure site. There was no external agency involved in the project, and the motivations for the migration were to minimize maintenance costs and overhead. The easy to use interface also ensured that content editors were able to get up and running without training or on-boarding.

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Full service migration of design, content and markup

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Netlify setup and domain re-routing

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Ad hoc changes and tweaks since deployment

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Flexible form management configuration

Philipp Maucher Chief of Staff & SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator
Philipp Maucher - SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

I’m no longer worrying about the site. It is easy for me to jump in and make changes without needing lots of training or without needing to email someone to make basic changes.

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