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Starter Kits

To get you going quickly we’ve built out starter kits with Next.js and Tailwind CSS, they use our recommended setup, are pre-configured with our SDK and come with best-practice content modelling and example content.

We’ve got lots of resources to help those just starting out in the Jamstack and headless world — check out the guides for in-depth walkthroughs of all our kits, and much more. You can also find lots of content types for you to use in our library.

Starter Kits
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Jump start your build

Our starter kits are designed to give you a head start on building your new site. We offer slim kits like Minimal, which has the basic scaffolding needed for any project and a stripped down example of a page builder.

Or we have more full featured ones like The Blog or the Marketing Website kits — these are more opinionated and may have more design on the front-end.

Whichever you choose, they offer an excellent base to build upon and can help you learn headless & Jamstack if you’re new to the ecosystem.

Pick a kit and deploy

Once you have an account with Contento you can deploy a kit right from within the control panel — this sets up the site structure for you including content types, assets and example content.

All our starter kits are available as part of the Library, or you can choose one to use when adding a new site.

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Grab the codebase

All our kits come with a codebase allowing you to bootstrap your site without the faff of setting everything up. These are available as git repositories available on our GitHub account.

Each codebase follows the same style, and is built using React, Next.js and Tailwind CSS. Follow the relevant user guide for the kit you want to deploy, or just grab the repo and get going.

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Deploy a starter kit now

The Marketing Website Starter Kit

Marketing Website

An example brochure site consisting of a collection of composable content blocks, landing pages and a blog.

The Minimal Starter Kit


The minimal starter kit has a page builder template, header & footer navs and a collection of composable content blocks.

The Blog Starter Kit

The Blog

Everything you need for a blog — a page builder template, header & footer navs and a collection of composable content blocks.

Erik Galiana Farell - Frontend Developer at Zyte

In just one afternoon, I was able to copy a template, carefully read through the documentation and easily set up a new webpage with content. This experience really shows how user-friendly Contento is and how it helps speed up the development process without losing quality.

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Get started for free

Its quick and simple to deploy a starter kit, check out how it all works and see if Contento is a good fit for your project.

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