Visual Preview

Contento uses Next.js 13's new draft mode to enable previewing content from the Contento editor. Bridging the gap between the developers and the marketing team by making sure everyone can see what they're doing in real time!

We've built it into our SDK so it's as easy as switching it on with our one-click setup and copying your preview secret to your codebase.

Check out the docs for more info.

Visual Preview
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Remove the blindfolds from your marketers

Quick and easy realtime updates

Content editors are free to make updates themselves now they can see what they’re creating in before they publish it. No more reliance on the dev team for every simple change.

Looks do matter...

Preview your pages across multiple devices

With responsive design built in, our preview panel supports mobile, tablet and desktop sizes. You can also pop your page out into the browser for a realtime browsing experience.

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Quick and easy set up

We've done the hard work for you

All our starter kits come pre-configured to use Visual Preview with your local dev environment. You can use it whilst developing your site, or when you need to add new components and pages — then when you go live, you can switch it over to work with your production domain.

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Deploy a starter kit now

The Marketing Website Starter Kit

Marketing Website

An example brochure site consisting of a collection of composable content blocks, landing pages and a blog.

The Minimal Starter Kit


The minimal starter kit has a page builder template, header & footer navs and a collection of composable content blocks.

The Blog Starter Kit

The Blog

Everything you need for a blog — a page builder template, header & footer navs and a collection of composable content blocks.

Erik Galiana Farell - Frontend Developer at Zyte

The visual preview option in Contento greatly helps with website development. It allows you to work on pages that aren’t yet published, so content managers can easily review and check them. This process ensures that everything looks right before the pages go live, all done smoothly and efficiently.

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Get started for free

Its quick and simple to deploy a starter kit, check out how it all works and see if Contento is a good fit for your project.

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