Contento for Marketing Leaders

How many bottlenecks could you remove from your workflow if your team could actually use your CMS? Our guess is a lot. Give your team the gift of full autonomy over your site with a Headless CMS power-up.

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Why Marketing teams love Contento

Contento gives Marketing teams the autonomy to take control of their site, so they can finally stop waiting on the dev team to make updates and focus on delivering business impact quickly.


You love the Dev team, but you're seeing way too much of them...

We're here to get you out of that Marketing/Product quagmire so your team can focus on publishing awesome content.

Your life after Contento

Want a glimpse of your future? Contento has features and design elements that align with the tasks marketing teams do when managing websites, making it more effective than most applications. It includes features like.

"Our current CMS isn't intuitive at all for our content team. Building something like a landing page can take as long as two weeks!"

Build new pages in minutes

Remember when it would take weeks or months to build out new pages? Those days are over. Create landing pages, blogs, and everything in between with a simple drag-and-drop builder.

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"We're always having to ask for dev time to update things on our site."

Say goodbye to relying on the dev team

Tired of sending endless Loom videos, screenshots, and opening tickets with the dev team? Then it's time to give your team a CMS they can take ownership of. We built Contento especially for content editors and non-technical users.

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Your team can confidently publish on schedule

An intuitive CMS your team loves to use

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"Will we have everything we need for SEO optimization?"

SEO fields already baked in

All the benefits of Yoast, with none of the Wordpress disadvantages. Meta description editor, title tags, ALT text, and all of your most important SEO fields are right there from the get-go.

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"I want to be able to move inbound website leads forward in our system right to completion."

MarTech integration made easy

An API-driven tech stack that scales with you as you grow. Connect your CMS to HubSpot, Marketo, Salesforce, Active Campaign, and whatever else you're using to generate MQLs.

"Migrating to another CMS is going to be a lot of work. Where do we even start?"

Free migration assistance

Our team of CMS migration specialists have already helped lots of growing companies make the move. Timelines can be as short as 2 weeks.

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Okay, how does Contento work?

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Create your blocks

During the development stage your developers will create different content blocks like "Text & Image", "CTA", "Hero", etc., and content types like "Blog" or "Landing Page".

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Drag & drop to build a page

Choose the content types and blocks you want from your library to build your page. Add your content.

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It's really that simple. Build out new pages and posts in minutes. All with your design and branding.

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Our customers say it best

Here are a selection of testimonials from some of our customers who've successfully made the move from a legacy CMS to Contento

Kevin Magee CTO, Zyte

Kevin Magee

CTO Zyte

One of our goals was to ensure our Marketing team was not held up by the Engineering team on a daily basis. We achieved that and empowered Marketing to maintain the site at a speed aligned to our business requirements. Content creation and Engineering have been decoupled.
Philipp Maucher Chief of Staff & SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

Phillip Maucher

SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

We moved from Wordpress to Contento and have been delighted with the move. I no longer have to get developers to update the site - I reckon it's reduced my site 'admin time' by over 70%.
Ryan Crowley, CEO of Kore Systems

Ryan Crowley

CEO Kore Systems

The migration to Contento was seamless - the results have justified the decision to replatform to Headless.
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Activate your Marketing team's full potential

Tech limitations shouldn't be getting in the way of your team hitting their quarterly goals. Invest in the Headless CMS that was built specifically to empower them.

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Take the first step

You wouldn't buy a car without getting behind the wheel and a new CMS should be no different. See Contento in action for yourself. We'd be happy delighted to show you around and answer your questions about making the switch.

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