Why Contento?

We heard you because we are you

The Context

For those who are working in B2B or SaaS your website is your shop window on the world. There are hundreds of Content Management Systems (CMS) that can power this shop, but we believe that many of the popular options are no longer viable options. We have also noticed another curious element - we have yet to find a CMS dedicated to a single use case or market segment. There are also two dominant camps - the CMS’s favoured by marketing leads, and the CMS’s favoured by tech leads. It got us thinking.

Range of Options

Picking a new CMS is not straight forward. The choice can be overwhelming, and navigating the number of agencies offering to build sites for you can be daunting. We offer a new type of CMS, called a Headless CMS built specifically for B2B and SaaS companies that are scaling and growing. The following represents the elements of our offering that can help you evaluate whether or not we are a good fit for your requirements.

  • Speed — We put a premium on running blazing quick websites - using our Headless CMS allows you to bring your own, blazingly fast front-end

  • Segment — Unlike practically every other CMS we are focused on B2B SaaS sites

  • Ease of Use — We have built it so anyone in your marketing team can can update content with minimal to no training

  • Security — We take the security of our product and associated services very seriously - please reach out to us if you need any more information

  • Flexibility — Bring your own content model - don’t be restricted by the structure of your content

  • Modern Stack — We have built our infrastructure on the latest stack, this allows us to ship features quickly and efficiently

  • Website first — While responsive design is a given we are currently optimised for desktops

  • Support — We like to talk to people, so drop us a line when you need help

Pros and Cons

No matter how you decide to run your website there are trade offs that need to be evaluated. For some a simple template based solution offers a cost effective route to get up and running, but the trade off tends to be speed and flexibility. More technical solutions offer speed and flexibility, but the marketing function can struggle to update. Which is why we believe Contento offers a compelling solution for those who are looking for a cutting edge solution.

Our Value Proposition

Contento is an API driven Headless CMS for developers and marketing teams in B2B and SaaS companies who want to build fast websites, using a beautiful UI.