How is Contento different from other headless CMS’?

Fed up with WordPress? Need a more performant solution? Overwhelmed trying to evaluate the sheer number of headless CMS solutions on the market?

Well, if you are looking for a Headless CMS solution to primarily power a marketing site look no further. Contento has been designed with these needs in mind.

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Optimized for Managing Growing Websites

Contento reduces the amount of time and development resources spent on the technical aspects of the website. With a clean intuitive UI, and baked in features like SEO, and reusable content blocks we marry the best of Headless, with a distinct twist.


Contento is for those looking to power a marketing website using a Headless CMS

We’ve taken all the best table stakes features you’d expect from a leading Headless CMS and added in a sprinkle of magic.

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How is Contento Different?

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Built to Power Growing Marketing Websites

We assume a use case of managing a marketing website This simple assumption enables us to zone in on the key features you’ll need. Having an opinion matters.

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User Experience

Built by Marketers for Marketers

We are assuming the primary users of the CMS are marketers and not just developers. We’ve thus doubled down on usability so the content management experience is an enjoyable one.

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No Hidden Pricing or Price Gouging Between Tiers

We don’t price gouge based on hitting different limits We offer a generous free package and pricing simplicity with no hidden surprises

Additional Features you won’t find Elsewhere

We bake in key features and modules that make marketers' lives easier.

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Assuming that you are building a website

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Optimised for inbound marketing & lead generation

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Native integrations to the likes of G2 and Capterra

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SEO baked in as a default - not a Plugin.

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Our customers say it best

Here are a selection of testimonials from some of our customers who've successfully made the move from a legacy CMS to Contento

Kevin Magee CTO, Zyte

Kevin Magee

CTO Zyte

One of our goals was to ensure our Marketing team was not held up by the Engineering team on a daily basis. We achieved that and empowered Marketing to maintain the site at a speed aligned to our business requirements. Content creation and Engineering have been decoupled.
Philipp Maucher Chief of Staff & SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

Phillip Maucher

SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

We moved from Wordpress to Contento and have been delighted with the move. I no longer have to get developers to update the site - I reckon it's reduced my site 'admin time' by over 70%.
Ryan Crowley, CEO of Kore Systems

Ryan Crowley

CEO Kore Systems

The migration to Contento was seamless - the results have justified the decision to replatform to Headless.
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Take the first step

You wouldn't buy a car without getting behind the wheel and a new CMS should be no different. See Contento in action for yourself. We'd be happy delighted to show you around and answer your questions about making the switch.

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