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  • Content Versioning

    The ability to see versions of a page and to revert content back to a previous version.

  • Presets

    Save content or blocks as presets and then use them to start a new page, or when adding a block to an existing page.

  • Navigation Module

    Manage your site navigation in one place. You can use our pre-configure structure or roll your own.

  • Redirect Manager

    Simplify managing redirects within Contento. This tool will tie-in to your front-end via the API and SDK, and will also be configurable to create redirects automatically when a URL’s within Contento are changed.

In Progress

  • Content Workflow

    A place for content managers and editors to manage the flow of content - how old is it, does it need updating or refreshing, who’s responsible for it, should it just be deleted?

  • Multi Language Support

    Ability to manage content in more than one language - with some fancy auto-translation for those that need it.

Recently Shipped

  • Improved Onboarding Flow


    We’ve revamped the onboarding flow to help first-time users get going with a Starter Kit.

  • Restore Deleted Content


    Adds the ability to view and restore deleted content.

  • Library Starter Kits


    Public, freely available resources published by Contento for anyone to use in their projects. Starter Kits give you a fully working site to get going with, complete with Content Types, example content and a working codebase.

  • Asset Folders


    You can now organise your files into any number of folders.

  • My Library


    The first part of our new Library area - here you can manage global Content Types that you can re-use across sites.

  • Copy blocks between content


    Allows editors to copy a block from one page / field, and then paste it into another one. This is the pre-cursor to Presets, where you can save anything as a preset and use it to kick off a new page or block.

  • Live Preview


    Building on our static Visual Preview, this enables realtime updates between the Contento editor and the preview of your site.

  • Demo After Sign-up


    Added an option to deploy our first demo site after signing up for a fresh account.

  • Visual Preview


    See your changes instantly before publishing. Works with draft or published content.

  • JavaScript SDK and Next.js Toolkit


    Simplifies using the Content API in your front-end framework of choice, with dedicated support for Next.js and the Contento Visual Preview.

  • Internal Search


    Introduces the capability to search within Content, Assets, Teams and Sites, with options to filter and sort.

  • SEO


    Built-in SEO metadata management, with support for Open Graph.

  • Initial Public Release


    Opened up Contento to the public.

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