Upgrade Your Website to a Modern CMS with Our Special Startup Offer

Many startups/scaleups reach an inflection point. Their website needs to transition from being a mere brochure wear site to one that needs to generate an increasing number of leads. For most, this means upgrading the underlying Content Management System (CMS) from a traditional CMS like WordPress to a modern Headless CMS like Contento. Are you ready to take your site to the next level?

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Thinking of updating your website this year?

Leading SaaS startups like Intercom, Stripe, Zyte and Teamwork have already made the move to Headless. Is it time you considered it also? Is your current CMS causing you issues: ranging from security vulnerabilities to performance challenges to simply looking dated? This is where Contento comes in.

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Startup Offer

We are looking for some additional reference customers for our cutting edge CMS - in return we are offering:

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1 year Free Licence on our Standard plan

Value: €3,000

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Free Migration Support from our tech team

Value: €1,000

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SaaS website starter kit built in Next.js or Nuxt.js

Value: €1,000

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Dedicated Slack Channel with direct access to our team

Value: Priceless 😉

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What is Contento?

A Modern CMS Optimised for Websites

Websites are typically powered by Content Management Systems (CMS) - and Contento is a modern CMS you can use to easily manage and maintain the site content.

Time for a Bespoke Looking Site

Many early stage websites don’t leave a great first impression. Part of the upgrade path typically includes a design refresh. A Headless backed site can help you create a strong visual presence.

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Part of a Modern Tech Stack

Contento is an API based CMS which acts as a key part of the website building process. Like Lego bricks your website can now be constructed using the latest cutting edge technologies.

Higher Performance Infrastructure

A modern CMS backed website offers a more secure platform, alongside the ability to drive performance gains ranging from site speed to productivity gains.

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The Key Benefits of Contento

The following represent some of the key benefits of moving off a traditional legacy CMS to a modern tech stack like a Contento backed CMS.

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Unrivalled Performance

If you need a blazingly quick website (to aid conversion rates and to boost SEO) then a Headless CMS deployment is the optimal solution.

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Enhanced Security

With a Headless CMS you are using best-of-breed enterprise grade solutions that are joined via API. The days of managing plugins and updates are consigned to history.

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Unique Design

The bespoke nature of a Headless CMS backed website means you can craft a beautiful unique website without CMS imposed constraints from templates.

Cutting Edge Tech

With Contento you are future proofing your website build with a modern CMS that is both flexible and scalable as your business continues to grow.

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