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Beautiful, modern, blazingly fast API Docs and Guides is the only all-in-one platform custom-built for client work operations, with best-in-class project management and complete performance reporting. They were looking for a beautifully designed front-end (base template by Tailwind), flexible long-form guides and articles, and a cutting edge reference API docs solution.

All this needed to be managed and maintained by a mix of technical and non-technical users, with the reference API automatically updating from their existing Swagger files.

teamwork docs wensite’s Challenges wanted to improve their existing docs system, the API reference pages worked but were slow, and missed some crucial features (e.g. customised automatic code examples) that were impossible with their previous vendor.

There was also some confusion as to where the right guides were for each API, and how to navigate between them. Maintaining the guides was difficult, and required enough technical experience that it was frustrating the various teams involved in writing it.

On top of this, there was no ability to add carefully designed landing pages or to flesh out guide pages beyond the basic formatting supported by the old system. This made it hard to signpost users to the right sections and hard to organise their content in a way that flowed naturally.

Technical Info

Built on Next.js we delivered a static site that loads super fast from the Vercel CDN. We made use of various advanced features like edge functions and complex pre-build compilation steps.

We used industry leading tech to parse and display all the various permutations of each API endpoint, and developed a custom solution to output automatically generated code examples in multiple languages.

The Tailwind template also came with a search tool based on FlexSearch which we extensively modified to allow us to combine all the guides, landing pages and each individual API endpoint into one index.



Swagger / OAS


Contento Support

To deliver everything needed we developed a system that automatically generated the reference API docs and integrated with their GitHub repo to publish updates whenever the Swagger files changed.

We then blended this with highly optimised content modelling to give them a powerful way to create hundreds of guides and articles that not only look beautiful but are also organised and easy to use both in Contento and on the front of the site.

To tie this all together we developed extensive navigation systems and integrated a powerful search system that allows their customers to search across all guides and API references with ease.

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Automatic Swagger / OAS ingestion and rendering

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Customisable automatically generated code examples

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Extensive content modelling to manage their library of guides

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Rich, beautifully designed content blocks to use across the site

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Detailed SEO schema, automatically generated on all pages

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Site-wide search

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We have the best API docs in our industry. Our docs look great, are statically generated so are blazingly fast and also index well for search engines. All in all an impressive upgrade - all backed by a CMS our non devs can use.

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