About Contento

A Headless CMS optimized for marketing websites

With the perfect balance of a simple content management experience paired with powerful content modeling. It's designed for and loved by both the content team and developers.

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Not Another CMS? Those were our initial thoughts too

We were intrigued by the shift to modern CMS. But we found very few Headless CMS worked well for marketing websites. The more we talked to people the more we discovered a growing list of challenges. Ones we felt could be tackled with Contento at the core.

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What do we believe?

We believe that high growth companies need a modern CMS

We believe that growing companies are searching for a solution that is not WordPress. Many are turning to the emerging category of Headless, but the existing providers are simply not meeting the needs of these growing companies.

What do you want?

You can have a beautiful design and blazingly quick load times

There does not need to be a trade off here. We found that in many instances there was. With a Headless CMS architecture you can create a beautiful bespoke website without compromising on performance. With Contento you can achieve both.

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Who are we building for?

We power bespoke marketing websites for growing companies

We make a simple but powerful assumption. You primarily want to use a modern CMS to power your website. This enables us to optimize for this use case. Informing our feature set, our roadmap and our vision. Designed for growing and scaling businesses.

How are we different?

We offer the perfect balance of a simple content management paired with powerful content modeling

Our product is designed to be loved by both the content team and devs alike. We bake in key features like SEO and a visual editor across all product tiers enabling all users to access the whole product. Reusable content blocks also help to speed up page build times enabling the marketing team to optimize workflows independent of developers.

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Meet our leadership

Our leadership team share a common passion for building SaaS companies on the back of strong foundations - a Content Management System (CMS) that can scale as the company grows.

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Alan Gleeson

Co-Founder / CEO

Alan Gleeson, the CEO, has 15+ years extensive B2B SaaS experience. Gleeson has worked with a number of VC backed B2B SaaS Startups and Scaleups in the UK, US and Ireland.

Black and white image of Josh Angell Chief Technical Officer of Contento Headless CMS

Josh Angell

Co-Founder / CTO

Josh Angell, the technology lead, has over a decade of experience building websites and Content Management Systems.

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Peter Coppinger

Co-Founder / Investor

Peter Coppinger, the initial seed investor, is one of Ireland’s leading B2B SaaS entrepreneurs who has successfully scaled Teamwork.

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Activate your Marketing team's full potential

Tech limitations shouldn't be getting in the way of your team hitting their quarterly goals. Invest in the Headless CMS that was built specifically to empower them.

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Take the first step

You wouldn't buy a car without getting behind the wheel and a new CMS should be no different. See Contento in action for yourself. We'd be happy delighted to show you around and answer your questions about making the switch.

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