Headless doesn't have to be complicated

The Easiest Way to Build Headless Jamstack Marketing Websites

We’ve all been there — headless is usually complex.

Contento is designed to lower the barrier to entry, and make it simple & quick to build headless Jamstack marketing websites.

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Get going quickly with our starter kits

Easy to use starter kits complete with content models and code, the simplest and fastest way to build headless marketing websites.

The Marketing Website Starter Kit

Marketing Website

An example brochure site consisting of a collection of composable content blocks, landing pages and a blog.

The Minimal Starter Kit


The minimal starter kit has a page builder template, header & footer navs and a collection of composable content blocks.

The Blog Starter Kit

The Blog

Everything you need for a blog — a page builder template, header & footer navs and a collection of composable content blocks.

Key Features

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Faster builds, more profit

Designed for building headless websites quickly and efficiently

Let’s face it, most of the time you want to use a headless CMS because it plays nice with your tech stack, but then it takes forever to configure and the end result stresses out even your most experienced developers.

Stop overcomplicating your headless website builds. Create simple, headless websites, following our easy & repeatable methods that save you time, stress and money.

Delightful developer tooling

To get you going quickly we’ve built out starter kits with Next.js and Tailwind CSS, they use our recommended setup, are pre-configured with our SDK and come with best-practice content modelling and example content.

As part of every Contento license we offer a robust Image Optimization API, this allows you to optimise images on the fly via a simple URL syntax and have them delivered at speed from our global CDN.

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Marketing and content teams love us

An intuitive editing experience

Contento is built with one primary use-case in mind — managing content for your website. This lets us strip away all the unnecessary bloat and give you a CMS that marketing folk actually want to use.

With our easy to use interface, editing content is quick, simple and all within the context of the page.

Tired of repeating yourself?

My Library - Your very own content model store

We know good content modelling takes time. So we created a way for you to store your favourite content models to use in any new sites you build. You can also choose from our library of pre-built content models to speed up the process.

Perfect for agencies or those building multiple sites that want to save time on the setup.

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Everyone needs to see how it looks before they hit publish

Visual Preview

All our starter kits come pre-configured to use Visual Preview with your local dev environment. You can use it whilst developing your site, or when you need to add new components and pages — then when you go live, you can switch it over to work with your production domain.

Content editors request less help from the dev team if they can see what they’re creating in realtime before they publish it.

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How are we different?

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A headless platform built for websites

If you want to build a website and use a headless CMS to hold your content, then we’re a perfect fit.

Because we are built to manage website content, we give you out-of-the-box tooling that Just Works™.

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Intuitive user interface for non-technical users

Let your content editors write and manage content without the headache of using a complex interface.

Too often the CMS scares off users, so we built Contento to be simple and easy to use.

In-built SEO & Open Graph to help you rank well

Switch on and configure our SEO module to get first-party technical SEO done right.

Set up automatic rules for defaults, and let users override what they need to on a per-page basis.

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Starter kits to get you up and running in no time

Hand built, best-practice starter kits from the Contento team to get you going super fast.

Kits come complete with content modelling, example content and a git repo for you to use to bootstrap your next project.

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Image Optimization API — pick that low-hanging fruit

No website should ever be serving huge images, scaled down by the browser.

Our Image Optimization API is similar to many others you may have paid to use before, but comes for free as part of your Contento license.

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All the features you’d expect from a modern CMS

Robust content API, SDK clients for major frameworks, visual preview, multi-language and more.

Crucially however, nothing you don’t actually need for a modern marketing website.

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Used by devs, agencies & marketing leaders

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For Developers

Build fast & maintainable websites on any stack

Out of the box tooling for vanilla JavaScript, React and Next.js, and examples to follow for other popular frameworks.

Just hit the Content API, and get to work.

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For Agencies

Repeatable and stable web dev ecosystem

Save content types to your own library and re-use them across your portfolio.

Build a rock-solid process for delivering excellent client sites again and again.

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For Marketers

No longer fear your CMS, embrace it!

Create and manage content in a familiar interface without the fear of breaking anything.

Preview every change before you publish, and adopt a content review workflow to suit your team.

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Our customers say it best

Here are a selection of testimonials from some of our customers who've successfully made the move from a legacy CMS to Contento

Kevin Magee CTO, Zyte

Kevin Magee

CTO Zyte

One of our goals was to ensure our Marketing team was not held up by the Engineering team on a daily basis. We achieved that and empowered Marketing to maintain the site at a speed aligned to our business requirements. Content creation and Engineering have been decoupled.
Philipp Maucher Chief of Staff & SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

Phillip Maucher

SaaS Network Ireland Coordinator

We moved from Wordpress to Contento and have been delighted with the move. I no longer have to get developers to update the site - I reckon it's reduced my site 'admin time' by over 70%.
Ryan Crowley, CEO of Kore Systems

Ryan Crowley

CEO Kore Systems

The migration to Contento was seamless - the results have justified the decision to replatform to Headless.
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Get started for free

Its quick and simple to deploy a starter kit, check out how it all works and see if Contento is a good fit for your project.

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